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Jan 10 : Thank you and Goodnight. Everyone, thank you. Thank you for having read, whether for a few days or a few years. I'm incredibly grateful and utterly awed that this series has touched so many lives. At the risk of going after school special on you, let me just say this: never be ashamed of who you are. And remember that you're the only one who can say what you do with your life. A great big hug to all of you, from me.

Don't forget to visit the new forum. Not just for BmB related things anymore--meet a great group of folks, and chat about whatever you like. And the new comic, Friendly Hostility, is starting up today at

May the joy in your lives be plentiful--if not, get around to *making* it plentiful. I believe you can. :) Good luck.




Saturday, January 10, 2004



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